Photography Contest

On Tuesday, March 31, 2015 I entered a photography contest for composite work. I wasn’t sure what to do for quite a while, but then some inspiration hit me. When figuring out what I wanted to do I took a look through my old photos to see if I had any that could be used as a background. I stumbled across a photo I took when at Bannack Ghost Town of a piano found in the Doctor’s old home. This served as the perfect backdrop. Then I took a self portrait of me sitting on a chair with my own iPhone 4S smartphone.

When it was time to edit I made black and white adjustments to both photos in Lightroom and placed them both in Photoshop. The top layer being my self portrait. I masked out the background of my portrait and created a shadow of the final portrait. I then placed that photo on the keys of the piano.

I entered the photo into the contest being held on campus. The Photographics Society hosts contests each semester that are open to nonmembers. I chose this contest because my teacher continues to plug for them. I wanted to give it a shot and see how the society is run.

Upon entering my photo, I didn’t think I would win anything. there were many entries that looked really great and filled with talent. I wasn’t sure my own photo could stand up against them. After the judges deliberated and chose the winners I found myself among them. I won 3rd place with a $25 cash reward. I was shocked and very grateful.

Here is a link to the society’s website: Photographics Society

Sitting On Piano (Self Portrait)


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