Light Painting 101

Here is a tutorial on how to do Light Painting with your camera. It’s a lot of fun and I absolutely loved learning how to do this myself. Below you can find my YouTube tutorial and then below that a one sheet with all the information you will need. I hope this tutorial is helpful. Have fun painting!

InstructionsBelow you will find some more examples of what you can do when you’re light painting. Have fun with it. Remember, your imagination is your only limitation.

The majority of these photos were taken indoors with no outside light. LED was used to illuminate and a small blue light was used for the thin lines. IMG_9338 IMG_9339 IMG_9340 IMG_9341 IMG_9342 IMG_9346 IMG_9356 IMG_9357 IMG_9358 IMG_9359 IMG_9366 These last two were created outside with sparklers.IMG_9380 IMG_9395


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