Profile Work

This week I worked on profile photography. Below are a few samples of my work with different categories of photography.

Side Composition
Head & Shoulders
Full Body
In Her Element
In Her Element
Group Candid: Picking Rocks to Skip
Group Posed

Below are some extra photos that I have edited with Lightroom.

This first before and after shot uses edits to whiten teeth, clarify eyes and get rid of blemishes by smoothing out skin. There has also been a vignette added and some sharpness to the photo.


This was my favorite set of editing. I have three photos here illustrating the process I went through to edit. The first photo is the raw image with no editing done. The next photo has enhancements to clarify the eyes, add sharpness to the photo, soften the skin and add some extra oomph to the color of the eyes. Lastly, I changed the color of the skin to make the color of the eye stand out. The majority of the photo is black and white with a pop of color for her eye.

Eye enhanced
B&W Eye

In this photo I changed the color of her shirt to match the color of her eyes and the water in the background image. Again, using Lightroom, I was able to make these adjustments.

Color Change

For the images below I used recolor on Photoshop to change the appearance of a photo to have the same coloring as another. This first image is the one I used to recolor the one below it. The final image, recolored, is at the bottom of the page.

Image used for color
Original Image
Image Recolor
Recolored image



2 thoughts on “Profile Work

  1. Clarissa,

    Nice job! My favorites are the photo of side-composition and the edits you did to the picture of the eye. It looks like you have a real knack for posing people. Every shot looks comfortable and flattering. Can’t wait to see what you do next week!

    Check out Krysta and Kioa’s posts.

    Also, check mine out!

  2. Wow! You are an excellent photographer and great at using photoshop! The eye picture is totally captivating! I am so empressed with how sharp it turned out! Also the edits on the girls face with removing blemishes are so subtle, that you did an excellent job.
    I love the pciture of her playing the piano becuase it is almost grayscae, but the color on her findernails pops, and makes it very interesting.
    You also have a great talant at composing pictures.
    NIce job!
    Check out this blog:

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