Past Photos

My name is Clarissa Helman. I am a Communication student with an emphasis in Advertising. I know a lot of about the principles of design, but I have never taken a photography class or tried to hone my photography skills. I have taken Visual Communication in the past, but that was about 3 years ago. I usually work on poster and ads for my classes, not taking the photos for those said ads.

The majority of my past photography is alright, every now and then I will have a fairly good shot, but I never really adhered to the principles of design when taking pictures. I don’t know too much about photoshop and am looking to improve my skills there as well as my skills with photography. I always see my friends take such amazing photos and wondered how they were able to do that. I have never really used a camera before and thought them to be very confusing. I really don’t have any real experience with taking quality photos and am really looking forward to this class to be able to improve upon what I already know and to learn so much more.

Below you will find a few of my past photos. Little to no editing went into them as I want to portray my lack of knowledge when it comes to photography. I am doing this because I hope that at the end of the semester I will be able to compare my previous work to what I will have achieved.

Doing Nails

ClarissaHelman-Tiger Lilly Temple SquareClarissaHelman-Daisy Temple SquareClarissaHelman-TempleSunsetCamera 360Camera 360ClarissaHelman-BlueJean ClarissaHelman-GrandCanyonTree ClarissaHelman-GrandCanyonFullClarissaHelman-Crowd Surfing ClarissaHelman-Conference Center Roof


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