2 Touchy-Feely

This WEEK in MEDIA 170: Touchy-Feely

February 9, 2010

This podcast is talking about Super Bowl ads and how bad they are becoming. Congress is also discussed and about how they are talking about new technology in the media especially in regards to Hulu and their television content. The Amazon Kindle is also discussed and the effect they might have on the iPad. Finally Adobe is talking about how they will take video back to the “dark ages”.

I know that this podcast is also old, but I wanted to learn about what “experts” think about these advertisements that we as a country feel are the “cream of the crop” or at least should be. After talking about the ads for the Super Bowl in class, I was curious as to what was being said about them. I couldn’t find one about this year’s ads so I went back a year. I can’t really remember the Dorito’s ads which were being discussed, but I do remember the Betty White commercial and thinking that it was my absolute favorite ad last year. HILARIOUS. I think that commercials do better when they use borderline content to promote their business.

I actually do not know much about what happened here with Hulu and how they are trying to defend themselves in regards to having Hulu on the television and a controversy with Congress. Honestly, I did not really understand too much about what they were talking about in this regard to media law and laws in Congress.

The Amazon Kindle is trying to compete with Apple’s iPad and their touch screen technology. Amazon is spending a whole lot of money to create a touch screen Kindle which we can see is currently available one year later. In regards to the competition, I do not think that there is really a huge competition there, the iPad will definitely win, hands down. We have even seen this happen over the year. Now that both the iPad and Kindle have a new product out, I can’t wait to see if this changes the game at all.

Adobe flash player is being innovated. This podcast talks about how Adobe is moving forward with flash and the fact that they should become more accessible to mobile devices especially the iPhone, Android phones were not completely introduced at this time so they weren’t discussed. So many videos online are done with a flash player so it would be a good idea for it to be accessible to hand held devices.


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