5 Skype Out!

This WEEK in MEDIA 216: Skype Out!

December 30, 2010

This week skype was discussed as well as how people are switching from skype to other video chat applications. Also what was discussed is the fact that people now have an artificial intelligence at the tips of their fingers. Anti-Piracy as a campaign in NYC and how there needs to be a change in how we obtain media, how movies become hits and the need for better films.

Apparently Skype was down during the last week and a half of December I’m pretty sure that is why this is the name for the podcast. Because of this other webcam applications are being considered and that people are being tempted to switch over. I think that during this time Skype is just  The cloud is also discussed and how it isn’t finished evolving and how it shouldn’t really be in the hands of consumers yet.

Money Drop mistake, people trying to figure something out faster than the experts. When mistakes occur in the mass media, people will call you out. Because of the technology at their fingertips, people can look up facts so quickly that they do try to find out the answer faster than the expert can think about it. This sounds horrible, yet we love it! We love having this false sense of intelligence.

There was an Anti-Piracy ad in NYC to try and prevent piracy from happening within the city. Piracy happens all the time! It is just simpler to do this. To borrow and copy music and movies so that you can watch or listen to them whenever and wherever you are. Perhaps it’s not a question of whether or not people steal these things because of money or convenience, but if it were more easily accessible for purchase, people might buy it. I think it would be smart to make purchasing a movie one time and being able to watch it anywhere, on your TV, phone, laptop, etc. I agree that it would be a smart idea.

Social Networking sways the audience to what to watch especially when the movies are good. When you have a bad movie, the social networking can kill it really quick. I totally agree, I have seen that so often in my life. I love how these guys are laughing at the prospects of new movies that are hits. Not very many people know about how to make good movies anymore and I would agree. More and more sequels are coming out and there are not too many good new ideas.


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