4 Raising the Dead

This WEEK in MEDIA 214: Raising the Dead

December 17, 2010

This week paying-per-use was discussed and how we may be charged for clicking play on a video instead of having a lump sum to pay each month and having an unlimited power to watch whatever you want. Also discussed was Ping. This is an app on iTunes where you can find new songs and new sounds that jive with the music already in you library. the iPad was discussed and how to “weaponize” it. Ebooks are now becoming more of an experience instead of just a book. They are now being offered with videos and links that you can click on to make it more interactive instead of passive.

Pay-per-use content within the entertainment industry in relation to broadband and paying per bit instead of the buffet we are eating from now. Instead of just watching, we had to pay every time we pressed play instead of paying per month and consuming all the media we want. It is booming now especially when it is so easy to do to just press play, if we had to pay I think that the content consumption will drastically go down. It is easier to pay the same price per month and have that consistency instead of paying per use, then the bills will be so drastic with varying consistencies in media usage. This would be better for those who consume very little broadband who would have to pay very little as opposed to those who consume more for their money.

Now moving on to Ping, iTunes is extending their media content length. iTunes is allowing their previews to become longer. They are not longer 30 second clips they are now 90 seconds. This will really help the artists to create more revenue. When the consumers can hear more of a song, they can really figure out if they like that song or not and will consequently purchase more of their favorite music. Ping really helps artists to get their music out there to be downloaded. Ping is a social network provided by Apple Inc. on iTunes where you can follow your favorite artists and even talk to friends about what new music is out there and how you can find something new that you would like. Then you can preview a longer section of the song and then download it if it is something you like. It also helps iTunes to keep their customers.

Ebooks are now becoming more of an experience instead of just a book. They are now being offered with videos that you can watch or links you can click on to make the book very interactive. This is awesome! I want to be able to own an iPad just to do this. Now more people are weaponizing their iPads, even iPhones and use them for malicious content as well as attack people with service attacks which is a huge crime! I don’t know why people would spend a lot of their time doing this through their phone, but it does happen.


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