3 On the Lam

This WEEK in MEDIA 213: On the Lam

December 11, 2010

This week Netflix is being discussed and how Comcast and Level 3 are using it to battle out the future of video that is published online. Next, this podcast discusses how music has finally released a Social 50 chart to determine who has the most new followers and the most overall followers online using stats from social media sites and YouTube. Wikileaks are also discussed and how they are dealing with sensitive material within the US and other countries.

Now, I am not exactly sure what Level 3 is. I had never heard of it prior to this podcast. Apparently they landed a contract with Netflix to deliver all the new content they were going to release and that Comcast is now charging them much more money for their betrayal online. What is really true is that Comcast was charging Level 3 less money that is required to do their job and is just trying to make them pay the correct amount. Even after listening to this, I am still not exactly sure what is going on here, all I really know is that there is a huge competition with Comcast and Netflix so I think I will do some more searching and learning.

I loved learning about this new Social 50 chart! I think this is an amazing idea. To be able to see how music artists are affected by the social media is a smart thing to do. For me, some of the top songs are things that I don’t feel most people are listening to. When I say most people, it really means I am talking about the people my age. Most of the people I know are listening to Hip-Hop and Pop music and it is good to know that these people that are singing those songs are being recognized for their success. I just wonder where I can find this list.

Wikilieaks is a website that is being attacked. They have a lot of different domains that contain sensitive material that are very controversial. I like how it was discussed how the feature material that is actually published by wikileaks would be different if they were published by other newspapers such as The New York Times, etc. I agree when it was said that there would be a difference if the New York Times were to publish these types of attacks from unknown sources in that it would be more accepted, but Wikileaks is allowed to publish this information and report these stories and that we should respect them for what they are saying. Government bodies need to be more careful with the type of information they divulge.



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