11 Did Steve Jobs Kill Music?

This Week in Media 225: Did Steve Jobs Kill Music?

March 17, 2011

This week there was a lot of news. Again some things about piracy and how everyone is becoming a pirate. What could be done about it and how would it be done?

The whole world is pirating everything. Music, movies, software, etc. People are choosing not to spend the money it takes to purchase all of these things and are taking maybe not the easy way out all the time, but it certainly is the cheapest way out. How would these producers prevent pirating? One solution was a subscription service, I’m not sure if that is exactly the best solution, but there definitely could be something that is developed. I would agree that whatever solution would take an extremely long time to go through all of the media and I would like to see anybody take a stab at it.

Music culture has changed. There is no doubt about that. Instead of buying an entire record, we purchase individual songs. Bon Jovi was mentioned in saying that Apple ruined everything. Yes, things have changed, we are not the same as we were in the 1980’s or 90’s. If music were still like that, the music industry would be floundering even more than it is now. iTunes saved the music industry, it did not kill it.


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