6 Dark Matter

This WEEK in MEDIA 217: Dark Matter

January 8, 2011

The CES convention is discussed. CES stands for the Consumer Electronics Show, home to a bunch of geeks. They talked about the different things that were showcased there and also about 3D. The future as well as what has already happened.

I wish I could go to this CES conference! I would love to know more about new technology and what is coming out soon as well as new ideas that are being developed. This would be so awesome to see and be on the front lines of  technology. Mostly because technology is what drives the need for social media and new medias being developed.

The discussion of 3D I thought would be directed mostly towards film, but instead they talked about 3D versions of video games. I thought this would be so cool. I remember watching movies that would put the characters in a 3D world. They would have goggles that would move around as they moved their head as if they were in reality there in that alternate reality. It was surprising to me that this technology was invented and completely flopped. That is the opposite of what I thought would happen. It was also discussed that iPads are also 3D compatible. I had no idea. I would love to see this really happen. I can’t wait to see how companies get rid of the glasses and do something else. I really don’t enjoy wearing dumb glasses just to watch a movie. I hope they get rid of these things soon.



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