13 Cantankerous and Befuddled

This WEEK in MEDIA 204: Cantankerous and Befuddled

October 7, 2010

This podcast is a little old, yet I thought it was interesting. I am a huge fan of social networking and especially the film The Social Network. I wanted to know what the media experts had to say about one of the top films of the year and how it will impact the world. Also included is a little bit about 3D on the Wii which I have actually not heard too much about yet. I am interested to hear what they have to say.

This movie is spot on. When I first read the description I thought it was about social networking in general, not the movie. Boy, was I surprised. This movie is one of the best ones of the year 2010. The Social Network really defined this time. I agree that it will push social networking to a new height. People understand more about Facebook and will respond in an extremely positive way. I think that we have already seen this happen. I think that more than ever, Twitter is now taking off.

It is interesting that these people do not like 3D and I would have to agree. Yes, it does pay the producers a little more money, but I hope that it doesn’t become a huge thing. I didn’t know that movies need to shoot in 3D, instead I thought that it was an effect that was applied after the movie was shot. I think that it will become a huge thing, but I hope it doesn’t. I would love to see how 3D will be able to work without the glasses. Again, I do not enjoy wearing those glasses. I do think that playing games on the Wii in 3D would be a lot of fun and it would make the games even more interactive than they already are.


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