Google Releases In-App Purchasing for Android


Google Releases In-App Purchasing for Android

by Ben Parr 

Google has released In-app Billing for Android, finally giving mobile developers a much-needed source of revenue for their apps.

In-App Billing gives developers another way to monetize their Android apps. iOS has had in-app purchasing since June 2009, helping app developers generate millions from virtual goods, in-game upgrades, content purchases and more. Like Apple, Google will take a 30% cut from all in-app purchases.

Google says that several apps are launching with the new in-app billion system today, including Disney’s Tap Tap Revenge, ComiXology’s Comics and Glu Mobile’s WSOP Hold’em Legend.

The launch of Android Market In-App Billing has been highly anticipated since Google first announced the feature at its Android Honeycomb event last month. The search giant pre-announced the feature last week to prepare developers for the change.

It’s well-known that mobile application developers have had a harder time monetizing Android apps compared to iPhone apps. Add the fact thatin-app purchases yield more revenue than mobile ads, and you can see why Android developers have been clamoring for this feature.. Hopefully the release of in-app purchasing for Android will help close the gap and give developers more revenue streams for their hard work.

My Take:

Last year I made my first “big” purchase and it was that of a smart phone. I was so excited to have thousands of apps at the tips of my fingers and at the push of a button. I had heard so many good things about the apps that are featured on the iPhone and I couldn’t wait to have the same quality technology in my hands. It didn’t take me long to realize that the Android app market is much smaller and more primitive than that of Apple’s. It kind of surprises me that Google would wait this long to make an In-App purchasing for the Android phones. I would have thought that Google would have thought about this years ago when the Android system was first developed. There is so much more that will come from Android in the future, it just seems like it is taking too long to get to us.


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