Good Advice on Changing from Print to Digital Model


Good Advice on Changing from Print to Digital Model

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It’s tough for newspaper owners and execs to recognize that the days of large staffs and high exec pay are gone. That’s why so many publications hang onto print for dear life, because the ads are worth so much more than online advertising. But I have never forgotten what Marc Andreessen once said to Charlie Rose: every newspaper should stop printing NOW and figure out how to survive online. Journal Register Company (JRC) CEO John Paton (@jxpaton) addressed newspaper execs via “Ten Tweets to Transform Newspapers”:

From MediaXchange 2011 stage my Ten Tweets To Transform Newspapers – starting now #naamxc11 #jrc jxpaton
March 26, 2011 at 7:48

1. “the newspaper model is broken & can’t be fixed”

2. “newspapers will disappear in less than10 years unless their biz model is changed now”

3. “the new newspaper model must become digital first and print last”

4. “the new newspaper model must now only allocate resources to the new news ecology”

5. “stop listening to print people and put the digital people in charge – of everything”

6. “newspapers must invest in content, sales & disruption – sell or outsource everything else”

7. “trust the crowd & especially your youngest employees they will lead the needed experiments”

8. “complaint: newspaper dollars becoming digital dimes: response: start stacking the dimes”

9. “digital first works #jrc digital audience grew 75% now more digital audience than print in less than 1 year”

10. “digital first works: #jrc digital revenue up 70% Q1 ‘11 vs Q1 ‘10 – real growth not newspaper voodoo bundling metrics”

My Take:

I love this article. 10 tweets to transform newspapers? What a way to really get your point across. Using the newest technology to persuade the print media to change, great idea. I definitely agree with John Paton when he says that newspapers should be more concerned about their online media. Digital media is definitely increasing as print media is rapidly decreasing. Something needs to be done if they want to stay ahead of the game and not tank. If they really want to do well it is time to trust the newbies. I know that the more seasoned veterans of the newspaper era may be completely against this, but this is where the future is and sometimes an old dog can learn new tricks. The newspapers need to create a new business plan to cope with the new digital era.


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