Google’s High-Speed Internet


And the Winner of Google’s Ultra High-Speed Internet Is …

by Ben Parr  

Kansas City, Kansas, will be the first city to receive Google’s experimental high-speed Internet network. The announcement Wednesday ends a year-long process that sparked a heated nationwide competition between more than 1,000 U.S. communities.

The search giant first announced its intention to build an experimental fiber network with speeds 100 times faster than the typical U.S. Internet connection — an astounding 1 GB per second. Google’s goal wasn’t to become an Internet service provider (ISP) that would compete with the likes of Comcast but rather was to help push broadband and Internet delivery forward.

After Google’s initial announcement, dozens of cities started their own campaigns to persuade Google to bring its high-speed network to their cities. Most famously, Topeka, Kansas, briefly changed its name to Google, Kansas, but other cities went to great lengths to get Google’s attention.

Now, a full year later, the technology titan has chosen its winner: Kansas City, which has already signed a development agreement with Google to start the project.

So why did Google choose Kansas City, a city with a population of 145,000? Here is the company’s explanation:

“In selecting a city, our goal was to find a location where we could build efficiently, make an impact on the community and develop relationships with local government and community organizations. We’ve found this in Kansas City. We’ll be working closely with local organizations including the Kauffman Foundation, KCNext and the University of Kansas Medical Center to help develop the gigabit applications of the future.”

If your city wasn’t chosen, don’t fret; Google says it is “looking closely at ways to bring ultra high-speed Internet to other cities across the country.” If Kansas City turns out to be a success, then don’t be surprised if Google Fiber starts stretching its way from coast to coast. That’s good news for Topeka, Kansas City’s neighbor sixty miles to the west.

My Take:

When I first heard about this I was blown away. It seems too good to be true. How could the internet become 100 times faster than it already is? It seems like every internet provider says the same thing. They all promise extremely good internet connection and super speed, but this is hardly the case. No matter who you end up going with, it is still not as quick as you would like it to be. Pages still take a few minutes to load. Videos on YouTube take FOREVER to load! This is probably the most annoying of all. It’s interesting to know that in order to implement this new internet with super speed Google needs to win over the hearts of the local government. I understand wanting to gain the trust of the locals because they might have to switch providers to sign up for this internet, but as this article explains, several cities campaigning to get Google to come to them. I wonder what was included in the process to choose which city to go to first. After all, it took an entire year to choose…


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