140 Best Twitter Feeds


140 Best Twitter Feeds

TIME picks the 140 Twitter feeds that are shaping the conversation. Take a look and vote on whether you think these top tweeters should be on our list. Click here to see the poll results

Full List:  






Fictional Characters

Health and Science

News Feeds


Pundits and Commentators


Shopping and Coupons



My Take:

I am a huge fan of Twitter. I love it and I love to follow celebs and those who know a lot more about subjects that I want to know more about like technology, media, sports, etc. This article focuses on the 140 most influential people who are on twitter. As I was looking through this list I found that several of the people I follow were actually on the list. This list also helped me to find new people to follow and learn from. I found that the further they were on the list, the more followers they had. I feel that the more followers a person has the better their content was. I think it’s pointless to follow someone who really only RT’s all the time or only has a bunch of @ shout-outs. After adding some of these 140 people I have learned so much about the media and about why so many people follow them. I love this list, it was an incredible way to find new influential people. During this day and age people look to Twitter to keep up with their favorite celebrities as if they were friends and knew each other, they also use it to keep up on the latest news and gossip. Twitter always keeps us up-to-date. It will be interesting to see if there will be any new technology that will be introduced within the next 5-10 years, maybe even sooner.


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