Doing Nails I just graduated from Brigham Young University-Idaho with a Bachelor’s of Science in Communication, an emphasis in Advertising and Graphic Design, and a minor in Culinary Arts. I love people and I love to serve. I am extremely interested in film, television, gaming, design and social media. I am driven to be successful in all that I do. I will never give up on a project or a person.

I am highly recognized for my abilities to be kind, compassionate and helpful. I have received awards for going above and beyond my duties in past employment areas. I am a people person and make friends and good relationships quickly and easily. I can make any difficult situation seem lighter and easier to handle.

I love school and I love learning. I do my absolute best in all subjects even though they may be challenging. If a difficult task is set before me, I will not stop until I have figured it out and accomplished that goal. Because of my determination and drive to succeed, I love   who I have become and what I have done to get here.

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